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All of us are called to take the Good News to the world, letting it influence our families, workplaces, schools, friendships and neighborhoods.  The Good News of Jesus changes our motivations and gives us a new perspective on what truly matters in life.  We are invited to give our time and our money, that we would invest in Kingdom initiatives that last, at the local level and beyond.  Hillcrest Church has established local and global partnerships focusing on affecting communities for the good of the people and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  ENGAGING IN MISSION through Jesus, will give you a love of people, seeing them the way God sees them.  It is not a final step on a journey to discipleship, but is CENTRAL to who we are as followers of Jesus!

Matthew 28:18-20

"Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

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Live a Lifestyle of Prayer Evangelism

Talking to God about your neighbours
before talking to your neighbours about God.
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Start with Blessing
  • Pray for specific people in your sphere of influence to be blessed - that God would be working in their life, for peace in their home, etc.

  • Adopt them in prayer. Take spiritual ownership of the people you pray for, knowing that praying for peace and blessing, results in peace and blessing. It's like changing the "Spiritual Climate" around them through prayer.

Spend Time
  • Be present, don’t be absent. Find ways to intentionally connect with the people in your sphere of influence.

  • Jesus was a friend to sinners - so should we be. This provides an opportunity to show unconditional acceptance by welcoming our neighbors the way they are, instead of the way we want them to be. Find common ground.

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Meet Felt Needs
  • Bless and be on call. When they share a felt need, offer prayer! And help!

  • Use your resources AND expect MIRACLES. Listen and obey. Obedience is success.

Share Jesus
  • When we meet people's needs through God's provision, God creates an avenue to show them that Jesus is indeed a friend of sinners, who does not condemn them but loves them unconditionally.

  • Tell them it is God who has met their need and introduce them to Jesus. Share the Good News of the Gospel.

If you want to dive in deeper and learn more about Prayer Evangelism, check out the following resources:
"Prayer Evangelism" by Ed Silvoso

How to Change the Spiritual Climate over Your Home, Neighborhood and City

Best-selling author Ed Silvoso shows that when you change a city's spiritual climate, everything - and everybody - is transformed.  It was something the early church knew innately and here Ed shares a proven, biblical, and practical plan to help you change the spiritual climate of your city. Fulfilling the Great Commission is no longer a distant hope; it is a fast-approaching reality that we may see in our own lifetime.

Past Sermon Series

Prayer Bookmark

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Start a personal prayer list and pray consistently for people you can share the gospel with.

Click to download a PDF of your personal prayer list bookmark.  OR pick up one at Hillcrest Church office.


Start a personal prayer list

Start a personal prayer list and pray consistently for people you can share the gospel with.

Prayer List Bookmark.png

Click to download a PDF of your personal prayer list bookmark.  OR pick up one at Hillcrest Church office.

Invite someone to church or Alpha

Invite that person you are praying for to come to church or attend a Alpha classes with them.

Regular financial giving

Commit to regular financial giving to the mission of Hillcrest.

Learn more about mission partners

Learn more about Hillcrest's local or global missions partners.

Learn to share the gospel

Learn more about how to share the gospel with others through Alpha or Sling Training classes.

To take spiritual ownership of my sphere of influence

Learn more about how to take spiritual ownership of my sphere of influence (take the role of pastor in the lives of people I know who are far from Jesus).

Pray for the Holy Spirit to empower you

Pray consistently / receive prayer that God would fill you with His Spirit so that you will be empowered and motivated to share the gospel with others.

Intentionally position yourself to make connections

Find ways to intentionally position myself to make connections and develop friendships with people who don't know Jesus.

EX: Neighbours, coworkers, grocery store clerk, sport team parents or leaders...

Surrender your life to be on mission

Start surrendering all of my life to being on mission with God. Obedience is success.



Click below for more information about classes at Hillcrest Church.


Check with the office about getting one of these books.
"Prayer Evangelism" by Ed Silvoso

How to Change the Spiritual Climate over Your Home, Neighborhood and City

"Gospel Fluency" by Jeff Vanderstelt

Teaching believers what it looks like for the gospel to become a natural part of our everyday conversations, Vanderstelt shows that the good news about Jesus impacts every facet of our lives.



Blessing and serving the local and global partners in mission!


We desire to be in Moose Jaw’s corner. Fighting with/alongside and fighting for Moose Jaw. Supporting, blessing, serving its people individually and systematically.
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Joe's Place

Their mission is to make a difference in Moose Jaw by helping youth reach their full and God-given potential.

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Kedleston Gospel Camp

The ultimate camp experience! They have camps for all ages, from family camps to kids camps, to teen camps, to seniors

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Welcoming Refugees

We partner with the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council to provide Kitchen Starter Kits (bins of basic food staples and household supplies) to each refugee family who arrives to settle in our city. Contact our office to find out more about how you can be involved in welcoming newcomers to Canada.

2020 Food Drive FB profile pic.jpg
Better Together Food Drive

Every Halloween hundreds of volunteers join with us in collecting more than 50, 000 pounds of food for our local Food Bank, but this year is it going to look a little different.  Hop on over to the Better Together Food Drive Page for more information.

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"Let's Talk"

Are you learning English or do you have a friend who is learning English?  Come practice English and make friends at our "Let's Talk" English conversation circle.


Lisa Hogg
Barret Kropf
(Athletes In Action)
Britney (Areas without Gospel access), Tiara (East Africa) & Tom & Jenni (East Africa)


Types of Generosity
Qualities and Characteristics of Biblical Ways of Giving

  • 0-9.9%

  • Starting to give to God first

  • Grow in understanding of generosity

  • Choose a consistent way of giving

  • 10%

  • Consistent weekly giving

  • Tithe on increase not just income

  • See the tithe as a floor not a ceiling

  • 10+%

  • Regular review of giving pattern

  • Go beyond the OT Law, kingdom mindset

  • Seek ways to influence others

  • Open and responsive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting

  • Seek ways to expand Hillcrest’s vision

  • Champion generosity at Hillcrest

  • Gain exposure to local and global issues

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
2 Corinthians 9:7
Variety of Coins

Tithing & Generosity

Everything belongs to God. He created it. He owns it.

Understanding and coming to terms with this important Biblical truth moves us from the position of owner to the position of manager or steward.
Once we make this shift in our thinking, we are in a better place to begin to practice true generosity.

When we loosen the grip of ownership so that we can become more faithful stewards of all of life, we begin to glorify God in a new way.