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Invite someone to church

Inviting others to church can be pretty scary for most people, but it doesn’t have to be. We can pray for boldness, listen for the right opportunities and be mindful of all the blessings that we have experienced in the church, so that we are eager to invite others to experience the blessing of being a part of the church. 

Early Christians had to pray for boldness. That’s a great place to start. Pray for boldness to invite someone to Church.

Focus on the benefits instead of the fears

Instead of focusing on how weird or awkward it might be, or dwelling on the fear of rejection you might experience, focus on the benefits of being part of a church that you’ve experienced. (Friendships, encouragement, experiences with God, practical teaching, love, support) and then invite someone with the hope that they will experience those things.

Practical ways to assist in this area

If you’re looking for the right opportunity to invite someone here’s a few prompts or cues you should listen for. 

  1. If someone asks you what you're doing for the weekend, tell them you’re going to church and invite them to come with you.

  2. If you meet someone who just moved to Moose Jaw, invite them to church.

  3. If someone is in a crisis or experiencing major changes in their life, (New Job, lost a Job, getting married, facing divorce, just had a baby, just lost a loved one, etc) invite them to church.

  4. If someone is struggling with their physical or mental health, invite them to church.

  5. If someone ever asks you a spiritual question, or about Christianity, invite them to church.


Consider the benefits you’ve experienced being part of a church, listen for the right opportunities and pray for boldness.


Be courageous and take your next step! Invite someone to church!

LifeShared - Learn to Share your Faith

A 3-part series to encourage and equip everyone in the church to share their faith.

Classes will be during the service in January 2023.


Ephesians: This is Us

Sept 11 - Oct 30

This is us. The Book of Ephesians tells us: Who we are, what we are meant for, and how to live it out. In other words, how our new identity in Christ shapes a new life for each of us. Join us as we go through the book of Ephesians together.


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Christmas Eve Service

Dec 24

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Feb 12 - Mar 5

Easter Sunday Service

April 9

What on Earth Am I Here For?

April 16 - April 21

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