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In Person and Zoom Training Registration

Dealing with the “Goliath of Fear” in Sharing the Good News of Jesus.

An 8 week course to teach you how to share the

Good News clearly, effectively, simply and biblically.

According to studies, as Christians, most of us agree that we’re supposed to share the gospel, but few of us do.

Why is that? 

While there may be a few reasons, one of the biggest is FEAR.

Fear of making a fool of ourselves or of annoying or offending people.
Fear of not sharing clearly or maybe the thought “I don’t even know if I fully understand the Good News myself?!”

If you can identify with some of those fears, but you want to share the good news of Jesus Christ, we’ve got some good news!

Sling Training is here to help! 

Sign up below and learn how to overcome the fears that stop you from sharing the gospel! Learn how to share clearly, effectively, simply and most importantly, biblically.

There’s a city out there that needs Jesus.

Let’s go get em. 


Two ways to participate!  Live in person at Hillcrest Church and online through Zoom


Tuesdays: Sept 28 for 8 weeks





In Person and Zoom Training Registration

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